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Have a completely new heating installation in your property from Green Dragon Heating Ltd during your renovation or boiler replacement. 

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If you’re renovating an older property it’s likely you’ll be taking walls down, reconfiguring rooms and wanting radiators hung in different locations to where they originally were. While the property is being stripped back to brick and floorings removed, this offers the best opportunity to install a full new heating system to reduce the change of future leaks from degraded solder joints.

South Wales Replumbing Service

Boiler Servicing Frequently Asked Questions:


Will you replumb a full heating system with plastic or copper pipework?

This is a decision we will discuss with you but one that you will ultimately make. That being said, even in a plastic pipework install known as speedfit, there would still be a small portion of the pipework that would be finished in copper. This would be the case where pipework feeding the radiators would be mainly plastic, but with copper ends showing from the wall to the radiator, known as tails.

We are also required to use copper pipework on any gas supplies so these also would not be completed in plastic.

Should I change my pipework when I change my boiler?

Maybe. During a boiler change, as long as the original installation is suitable then we aim to cause as little disruption and alterations to the pipework as possible. Depending, however, on the age of your original pipework that run under your floor boards and up your walls from your boiler to the radiators you may in fact also require a full system upgrade, as the strength of the soldering that connects your pipework together may now be too weak to handle the power from your new boiler and cause the connections to break and causing leaks in your property. 

If you are renovating your property and stripping it back then this presents the best opportunity to replace the heating system for a future proof feed from your boiler to your radiators.

Can we have extras such as outdoor taps installed or does it have to be replaced the same as before?

Absolutely! This is the perfect opportunity to make as many alterations as you need. If you wish to have multiple outdoor taps at either end of the property for example or to put pipework in place for a future ensuite that you can’t afford right now, this is the time to discuss your future property goals.

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