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Are you looking to have the gas appliances in your home tested and serviced?

At Green Dragon we can service your gas boiler, fireplace or kitchen hob. 
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Boiler Maintenance

Boiler Service Green Dragon Heating

It’s well known that boiler servicing is one of the best ways to avoid an unwanted breakdown leaving you in the cold, so why not take advantage of the extensive boiler services offered by Green Dragon Heating LTD today? If you need landlord gas safety checks or just a professional opinion, we can suggest the best boiler systems, additional upgrades, and advice for all your plumbing and heating needs, even down to Smart Control systems you can trust whether you’re looking to hold costs down, or just keep your home cosy. 


We proudly maintain Gas Safe certifications meaning any work will be carried out efficiently whilst suggesting the best preventative maintenance to avoid irreparable damage in the future for any system whilst providing the necessary gas safety certificates. 

Boiler Service Green Dragon Heating

Boiler Broken Down? Call Now:

Are you without heating or hot water?

If you find yourself without heating or hot water then there’s no need to panic with qualified engineers providing 24/7 callouts to ensure maximum comfort and minimal stress whether it’s to locate and fix a burst pipe or get your faulty boiler back up and running.

Is your Boiler beyond repair?

In cases where your boiler can’t be saved, the team will work by applying their wide scope of extensive knowledge such as information on warranties, efficiency, and the best performance for your home or business to achieve a full boiler replacement with ease, including disposal of your old equipment. 

Boiler Servicing Frequently Asked Questions:


What will you check during a boiler service?

At Green Dragon Heating Ltd we pride ourselves on carrying out a complete service of your boiler when instructed by our customers.

How does this differ from other heating engineers? Unfortunately it is very common for other trades to carry out a basic inspection of your equipment in order to confirm that your appliance is performing correctly but without carrying out any preventative maintenance which will sustain it’s performance and lifespan.

During out thorough inspections you will see as our engineers inspect and clean all of the necessary internal parts by removing the front casing. Within your boiler are many seals that need inspecting for leaks and occasionally replacing, should we feel this necessary we will present this to you and explain the reasoning for acquiring new parts. 

Within a gas boiler are components known as the burner and the heat exchanger – both of which accumulate dirt that is created while the boiler is heating your water by burning gas. These areas therefore need to be cleaned during the service as a clean environment will ensure your appliance continues to operate properly and efficiently, which will subsequently keep your home safe for you and your family. 

Additionally during the service our engineers will also look at the system pressure in your boiler, and depending on the type of boiler you have we may also need to check the pressure of the expansion vessel and unvented cylinder if you have these. 


What are the benefits of having a boiler service?

Financially, a regularly serviced boiler by a qualified Gas Safe engineer will ensure that your appliance continues to run efficiently which will save you on your monthly energy bills. This will also improve the longevity of the boiler which will reduce the need to spend on replacement parts in the future and ultimately avoid having a boiler break down.

The most important benefit though is of course the safety of you and your loved ones, and as a landlord ensuring the safety of your tenants while you stay compliant. 

Environmentally there is also the benefit of considerately working with the planet rather than against it, as an efficient appliance helps you to leave a smaller carbon footprint.


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