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Reduce your heating costs with a brand new gas boiler in your home from Green Dragon Heating Ltd.

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The average domestic boiler can provide you with between ten and fifteen years of efficient performance when maintained regularly and properly by a Gas Safe engineer.

Similarly to cars however there comes a time when costly parts need replacing and your money is better spent replacing the appliance.

Green Dragon Boiler Installations

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Boiler Servicing Frequently Asked Questions:


What disruption can I expect while you replace my boiler?

During the time that we work in your property we will treat your home with the highest levels of care. Any carpeted rooms we need to access will initially be done with shoes coverings while we then put dust sheets down to protect your floor while work commences.

In order to replace your boiler we will need to turn off the gas supply and cold water supply to the house and drain down your central heating system, hot water pipes and cold water pipes. During this time you will not have any usable hot or cold water from your taps or toilet and your heating will not be usable. 

Although we aim to complete this job in one day, should you be home at the time we suggest that you consider preparing some electric heaters if you would normally have the heating on, fill the kettle, and buy a supply of bottled water. This will allow you to continue accessing drinking water, hot water by boiling the kettle and even flushing the toilet by topping up the cistern. 

Will my pipework need to changed too?

Maybe. During a boiler change, as long as the original installation is suitable then we aim to cause as little disruption and alterations to the pipework as possible. Depending, however, on the age of your original pipework that run under your floor boards and up your walls from your boiler to the radiators you may in fact also require a full system upgrade, as the strength of the soldering that connects your pipework together may now be too weak to handle the power from your new boiler and cause the connections to break and causing leaks in your property. 

This will be assessed and discussed further with you during our visit to the property.

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