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Air Source Heat Pump Installation

Rreduce your carbon footprint with a solution that’s 300% more efficient than a gas boiler.

Air-to-water source heat pump

Bosch Air Source Heat Pump

Make an environmentally friendly choice by opting for an air source heat pump for your next central heating installation. By extracting the warm air from outside your building in even freezing conditions you can reduce your carbon footprint while heating your home in the most efficient way possible.


Bosch Air Source Heat Pump

Air Source Heat Pump Frequently Asked Questions:


What’s the difference between and Air-to-Air and Air-to-Water heat pumps?

 An air-to-water heat pump will work in your home similarly to a conventional gas boiler in the sense that the heat will be transported through your property via the pipework and radiators. Air-to-air however acts like an air conditioning unit you may have experienced overseas, with this method the heat is transferred via vents in your home but can be used for either warm or cool air. 

Will I still need to have an air source heat pump serviced?

Yes, regular servicing will be advisable for air source heat pumps as well but for different reasons to a gas boiler as they function differently. 
Additional considerations and upkeep will also be needed by the property owner as the appliance will be based outside. Overtime it is possible for leaves or locally growing plants to come in contact with the appliance which will need to be removed. Similarly during colder periods any build up of snow on top and in front would need to be cleared to ensure functionality continues effectively. 

Are Air Source Heat Pumps cheaper to run?

Although the differences over a year are marginal, an air source heat pump could be cheaper to run than a new LPG boiler or an older gas boiler but more expensive than a new gas boiler or oil boiler.
 Are There Grants Available for Air Source Heat Pumps?

At the time of writing this in 2023, yes, you may be eligible for a £5,000 grant if you live in England or Wales and £7,500 if you live in Scotland towards installing an air source heat pump. You would need to contact your energy supplier to find out more information about your eligibility.

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